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The Silent City - Ginn Hale I really needed this book at this point of the story. It’s a chance to catch my breath and consolidate a lot of what has happened in the past.

We are back with John’s POV now and a lot of questions are answered. But that in itself only poses more questions doesn’t it? It always does with Ginn Hale. She’ll give you a bone with one hand and sprinkle a trail to an all-you-can-eat buffet with the other. I’m always hungry for more answers, but for now, I’m satisfied.

I can’t believe how pivotal Ji has been in shaping the future of not only John and Ravishan but the whole of Basawar! If there was a great big inflatable finger of blame to point it would be aiming straight at Ji. Naughty doggie! Bad girl! You’d think a wise witch would know better huh?

Finally we get to learn more of the workings of the Fai’daum; a clever, well organised and a truly underestimated force with far reaching influence. I’m glad to see John and Ravishan side with the good guys - finally allowing them some unguarded quality time together while John (aided by Ji) learns to control his powers; which at present are only crafted for mass destruction.

Ginn Hale assigns her brilliance in this book to describing the immense affinity John has with rocks and well, anything geological actually. She once again steals my breath with her beautiful descriptions:

” John closed his eyes. He concentrated on one edge of the dark, glittering mass. He lifted it slowly, untangling the twisted strands of feldspar and slipping apart the tiny knots of sodium and silicon. Dark biotite and silvery muscovite flashed like filigree around black quartz. The stone unfurled.”

Everythings about to go tits up in the next book - I can feel it in my bones! I’m edging closer to the finish and I don’t want to. I’m stilling waiting the moment of crushing agony when we lose Ravishan and the suspense is killing me.

My favourite and most moving quotes from this book:

“Strength and courage are as much a part of human nature as weakness and cowardice. I don’t have much of a use for people who choose to be less than they can be.”

“It does no good to pine for a place you cannot return to,” Ji told him quietly. “Let it go and look to the life you have here and now. That is all any of us can do.”

About Fikiri: “What’s he like?” Tanash asked. “He’s like an infestation of fleas,” Ravishan said. Then he shook his head. “No, fleas you can get rid of with a comb and some soap.”