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The Violet and the Tom - Eve Ocotillo This was amazing and fascinating! Absolutely fascinating … all of it!

This story is a personal account of an Eromenos slave who was trained at the temples of Eros for the sole purpose of becoming a pleasure slave. After years of accepted abuse by his trainers and previous owner Sylvan is discovered amongst his master’s reclaimed possessions and put on the auction block – sold to the highest bidder and given to his new Master as a gift from a King.

Now you probably think that this is just one of those typical Master slave type stories, and you would be right and so very wrong too. This is so much more than that, honestly. Just to be in this world where slavery is just another commodity, to hear the story told from Sylvan’s POV is to be entrenched it. The perspective defines the reality of this world.

What happens when a Master doesn’t want his slave, wants nothing to do with him? What is to become of Sylvan who’s only wish is to please and serve when he was born and raised for that purpose alone. And now … he has no purpose, he’s lost, vulnerable and achingly lonely, desperate for a touch, a command or even a glance from his handsome new Master.

“Erotic allure defines my existence. Without it, I am nothing. It takes more than bread to feed a soul.” – Sylvan

Oh God, this boy … this beautiful man-boy stole my heart with his exquisitely scripted narration. I highlighted so many moving passages in this book. The psychology of it all blew me away; the twisted dynamic is just stunning. My frustration with Slyvan drove me crackers, but I was still able to understand him and love him through it all.

For those who have read [b:Captive Prince: Volume One|9305362|Captive Prince Volume One (Captive Prince, #1)|S.U. Pacat|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1356028113s/9305362.jpg|14188292]; I subconsciously believed that I could easily be reading the story of Erasmus, the Akielan pleasure slave, remember him? I know it’s not fair to compare but I couldn’t help it. The world dynamic is VERY similar, but this is focussed more on the relationship between Sylvan and his new master than the goings on of Kings and their courts.

This author throws all the rules of a master/slave dynamic out the window, creating a shift in convention that is genius. I don’t think I’ll ever read anything like it again.

I adore this story, for some reason it sings to me. Perhaps because it was unexpected, perhaps because it was a breath of fresh air, I don’t care, whatever … I loved it.