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Bound and Determined - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow 3.5 Stars For The Blog of Sid Love

This novel comes with lots of stars and the highest of recommendations; so of course I needed to see for myself.

I like a BDSM book occasionally, it’s not my real life kink of course - sub-space is a myth in my opinion, (that shit just stings - and my husband understandably, won’t switch) so I enjoy reading about this lifestyle instead, it’s exciting. I love the whole D/s dynamic and can respectably appreciate the need and reasoning behind it all – I’ve read enough of these books to get it.

** For the benefit of busy readers the summary and quotes are hidden behind this spoiler, it's totally safe to open**

Sterling Baker is our inexperienced and untried young sub; so green he doesn’t even know he is a sub until his recently discovered obsession with BDSM leads him into the local club with sex buddy Alex – looking to soak up some experience from the local Doms.
All too soon he is trembling, and moved to his core (and his loins) when he watches his ex-Professor perform an intense emotional scene with his sub; like the flick of a light switch, he knows the position he wants to be in – on his knees – looking up at the man with all the control – a most spectacular man!

But there’s a problem, Sterling has never submitted to anything or anyone in his life. And Professor Owen Sawyer doesn’t want or need a fledgling sub. He's easily bored and frustrated with his subs and the last thing he wants is an obnoxious brat who’d given him nothing but hell as a student. Never mind the fact that getting involved with a student could ruin his career.

But Sterling is persistent and determined, he wants Owen to each him, to master him, he NEEDS it and Owen and won’t give in …

“You don’t need someone like me when you’re this new; you just need a boyfriend with an open mind. Find one and get him to give you a spanking. You might discover you don’t even enjoy it when it’s reality and not a fantasy.”

“So you’re saying you’re out of my league?” Sterling Demanded.

“I’m not good enough?”

“You’re perfect.” Owen watched the boys eyes light up, […]

“For someone else. Not me. “


It’s not spoiling to say that Owen does agree to take Sterling on… eventually; but only on his terms and with conditions. One condition proves too much for an overzealous and impatient Sterling. Despite his own no-go area, he’s soon begging and pleading with Owen to change his mind. The result is not pretty. So is the relationship doomed before it even starts? And if not, will there ever be more to the relationship than purely BDSM? Because there is after all ‘nothing more intimate than watching someone else come’ … right?

The stand out element of this novel is the tangible sizzling chemistry between these two; even fully clothed the atmosphere is thick with it. It’s great stuff! Like goose bumps on top of goose bumps. I shiver recalling it …

At 30% Sterling’s excitement and anticipation is so intense it becomes contagious. I wanted – no – I needed to feel it all - with him - through him (cos I've already told you, I’m a wimp)I craved the firsts – all of them – the first touch– the first spanking – the first bondage scene – the first plugging, the first fu … you get the picture. I was excited for Sterling, but I was all thighs clenching anticipation for me!

Now this is where I’m going to stop and say: If you are BDSM curious and need a gentle easing in? Or even if you’re into BDSM novels and fancy a light, lovable read? This book is PERFECT for you. Honestly, it is a sweet sweet story that has captured the heart of many readers. It is sexy and heart felt. The motivations and dynamic of Dom and sub are clearly defined without feeling like you’re reading a manual. The S&M is very tame in comparison to many other novels of its kind. If this is what you are looking for? Read no further – you just found it. Enjoy it, honestly – it’s a lovely story. Just ignore the rest of what I have to say, chances are you wouldn’t agree.

*mild spoilers ahead*

Now where was I? Oh yes, thigh clenching anticipation - that’s right.

The first touch - ahh … yessss

The first spanking – there may have been some quivering.

Some wax play – Hell-O! Master Owen – let the clenching games commence.

More spanking – okay, that’s cool (kind of)

Even more butt slapping – okay … I’m drumming my fingers, but please … continue.

Fast forward a few weeks – WHAT? Oh no you don’t … nah uh … I just got the Nutella out for gawds sakes.

Can you believe that? All that anticipation shrivels and dies because all the other firsts are off page! The arse play, the dildo’s … some bondage. It’s all glossed over and we miss it! Gah… I feel cheated! I live vicariously through these pages because I’m such a wuss you know and I want it ALL. In detail.

Okay fine, so Sterling gets some off page experience, this means he’s ready for bigger things right? No. You know what we get instead? More spankings, it’s just spankety-spank-spank-spank with these two. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The authors do a great job of building the tension, but when it comes to fulfilling the promise … it falls short for me.

I prefer my BDSM novels to feel more realistic and less fantastical. For me this was too tame and … oh I’m just going to come out and say it. There wasn’t enough penetration and I was bored with everything in between - okay – there - I said it.

*end of spoilers*

Like I said; this is an easy BDSM novel and a sweet love story that I would recommend - if that’s what you’re looking for.