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Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One (Daron's Guitar Chronicles, #1) - Cecilia Tan
I'm broke and whoring myself out to poodle-hair bands [...] Oh, and by the way, I'm living a life of sin and perversion, too. Jeezus.

I think I might have fallen just a little bit in love with a guitar genius who could be classed as an emo of the 80's. I have no idea how this kid got under my skin, but he really did. Daron is filled with inner angst, insecurities, self doubt, self loathing, and loneliness and hiding in his closet behind his guitar and too long fringe. So how the hell did this sad git worm his way into my heart?!
It doesn't matter, he's there.

Daron's intimate matter of fact chronicles is a trip. You've just got to love the 80's, who doesn't? The lycra pants(with additional sock in crotch - lol), string vests, big hair, cassette players and David Lee Roth! Non-smokers where eccentric and we had pay phones on the wall and life was a mobiles free zone! Ahh good times...

I haven't a clue what direction this is going to take. I have an inkling who the love interest will be - but surely not, not him ... I mean ... really? Him?

My nostalgia is heightened by the music of the era. The author labels all the chapters with a song from the 70's or 80's. It's so good and so bad, but it makes me smile in remiss. I love how Daron plays his guitar, with affection and intimate emotions. The guy is a musical genius but seemingly oblivious of the fact - it endears me to him even more.

Let's see, so far I like it. 3.5 Stars and I'm rounding up.

Favorite Quote: "When you're hungry the first thing you swallow is pride."