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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan 3.5 Stars!

I enjoyed this book, the characterisation and the style. Unfortunately I was not able to connect with all the dancing. Ramba, waltzing, cocha something or the other? I really am quite clueless when it comes to dance steps and what they look like so I failed in a lot of the visualisation required to thoroughly enjoy this, I kind of skimmed those parts.

It takes a while to warm up to Laurie, and even then, I still thought he was a whiny little drama Queen at the end. He's the guy who has everything, incredible talent, money, looks fabulous in tights (the bitch) and a great big gnarly stick up his arse (unfortunately).
Laurie feels like he has nothing... nothing but loneliness, guilt and self pity when really, he should be more grateful. I did warm to him a little, but only because of his love for Ed, and Ed's love for him. Whatever Ed wants and needs is fine with me. I really liked Ed.

This is a love story full stop. There are issues with accepting your lot in life and dealing with the curve balls life throws you. Don't be expecting any angst or plot twists or turns. Dance With Me is an emotional journey with some steamy m/m moments and lots of dancing.

I liked it.