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Dark Space - Lisa Henry 3 Stars, but only just.

Really? You all loved this? You know what this means for me now? It means I am doomed! If the name wasn't already claimed I would proclaim myself the Mistress of Mediocrity, because really, that is all I seem to attract just lately.

Yes, the first 25% was good and so was the last 25%. But what lies in the middle is just a repetitive yawn fest. If I wasn't interested in the telepathy between the two MC's I would have ditched this, I'm sure of it.

So, I could claim that it's not the book it's me, but I won't. I'm not hiding behind that. What could have been an intriguing angst fest with creepy alien invasions just wasn't. The action is just about over before it starts and boom-bang-bing it's a happy ever after. Who was Cam beyond the gay hero who enjoys being the bottom? Brady was okay, but damn that boy gets tiresome with his repetitive I'm not worthy speeches. The most interesting person in this novel was the bad alien guy with his sibilant hissing.

So I ended up liking it enough, but with all the hype I really expected a lot more from this. A LOT more. Nevermind, I'll just go suck on another bitter bill and search out my next mediocre read. Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself.