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Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan So I talked Loederkoningin into reviewing this little gem with me. We had a blast with the buddy read and if you want to see our full review you can go here, at The Blog Of Sid Love.

I'll just share a few of our thoughts with you.

Nowhere Ranch is amazingly, shockingly good… So many memorable scenes and precious moments … in tandem we sigh contentedly. It doesn’t matter that what was left of our sensibilities was thoroughly deflowered. We understood. We cared about these two. Unfortunately, we then got to the last 10% or so. The part where …

…Cullinan got hacked by Mary-fucking-Sue!

You read that right! Instead of sighing and swooning, that ending had us beating the hedges, smashing windows and destroying bus shelters in tandem. To say we were livered is an understatement! Why? Why? Why do we HAVE TO have an ending that was manipulated by Mary Sue Haley (self-serving little busy body) which spins the much appreciated characterisation of these men upside down and inside out?

Swapping Stetsons for aprons is NOT what we expected here. In our opinion all that syrupy sweetness is not in line with the relationship dynamic at all.

Ultimately, it’s only a testament to that beautiful combination of awe-inspiring feels and kinkiness, that we’d recommend Nowhere Ranch despite its superfluous ending.

The thing is, I'm going to erase that ending and pretend it never happened and base my rating on that. If I didn't, this would be knocked down to 2 Stars to punish whoever it was who influenced that god awful conclusion. I refuse to believe that Cullinan had anything to do with it.