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Slam! - J.L. Merrow Nope, I do not like this book.

Tis stupid: stupid childish over the top, hyperactive MC who speaks like a 10 year old and acts like a two year old. Not sexy or appealing - I don't care how funny he's suppose to be. I gave up before I had to imagine him in a sexual situation - ack *gag*.

The love interest David? Uh ... er <- that's all he says, and I don't see why he's even interested in Jude? Is he a weirdo or something?<br/>
Nearly half way through and I'm still looking for a plot line to save the book. Pft!

I don't recognise this work as done by the J.L Merrow I usually enjoy.

Sorry Ms Merrow, this ones a bust for me.

DNF at 45%