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Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton Between Sinner’s and Saints is warm and tender; often light and fluffy with the added intensity of an age old argument. A token of sinful sex and just enough of the saintly kind to get the heart rate going, all mixed together to create a surprisingly enjoyable read.

After reading a rather noxious and amateurish m/f romance, this book was a balm for my temper head, heart and soul. The writing flows, there are no dubious characterisations, everything adds up, it’s believable and void of insta - anything; just such easy reading – Thank you Marie Sexton!

Endearing characters with selfless motivations face off against the pious views of Levi’s saintly Mormon family; fighting for the acceptance of his/their sexuality. Together Levi and Jaime find strength and courage in each other to overcome a past that has plagued Jaime with nightmares - is the general premise of the story.

I have to admit that this story is packed full of personal nostalgia for me. The surfing, the beach, the sunshine, yummy surfer boys and good times, the BEST of times; once again I could smell the coconut in the sunscreen and feel the warmth, recalling the exhilaration my surfing days now long gone is a bittersweet reflection, but one I revelled in none the less.

This is a plot I haven’t quite read before. The author tackles the religion vs homosexuality argument without adding offense to either and offers a heart breaking look at both sides of the story. I felt that there are three lots of protagonists here: Levi and Jaime as well as Levi’s moron family. All have suffered their own torment in rejection and lack of understanding. Will the slow building relationship between Jaime and Levi become the catalyst for all to meet a resolution and finally accept what is? Or are they to be cast out as sinners?

The story is very much focused on Levi, who lives a life of 'sin' working in a gay bar and sleeping with a different man most nights. He is gorgeous, cocky and lonely; living for surfing and sex until he gets a chance and a reason to change. I loved Levi with all his 'flaws' because his heart is just golden.

I will leave the secretive and damaged Jaime for you to discover, but needless to say, I loved him too.

If it wasn't for the church vs gay disparity and the personal nostalgia which garnered an extra star from me, this might have been a bit too shmootsy in places, but still a solid 3 star likable read. As it is, it was just what I needed right now and I have to say I really did like it. It was perfect for me at this time.