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Throughout this book I found myself hopping from one side of the fence (dodgy side) to the other (happy side), and when I’m not hopping I’m teetering on top with a frowny face trying to decide which way I’m going to lean.

On the dodgy side: The plot!

It is quite obvious that nobody reads this series for the cops and robbers plot lines because they are rubbish and this one has to be the worst. Okay, the first one wasn’t bad at all when comparing it with this one and the last.

This is the Ty and Zane show and the only reason we have these little sub plots is an excuse for the author’s to blow shit up, and for Ty and Zane to play hero and dumb arse while they run into burning buildings and get blown up AGAIN; which is then an excuse for the hero’s to express how much they love and care about each other, because they can only do that, while facing death or a near death experience. Ty and Zane are just way too macho to just come and say it ya know - and this is all cool, that’s how these guys work, but uhm…considering this is a book for adults we might actually appreciate a sub plot that might provide some intrigue and credibility.

Not the ridiculous group of teenagers that have been robbing banks and planting bombs for six months; and neither the police depatment or the FBI can get a sniff on these kids. I mean this is the F.B.I VS teenagers , and not even smart ones. While these guys are a couple steps away from world domination, it would seem the FBI can’t decide how to run a bath, never mind an investigation. Even the Naked Gun team are incredulous…
head slap photo reverse-1275389857_naked-gun-facepalm.gif

Frowny face and teetering: I am team Ty all the way, but as Ty’s lists of achievements seem to expand it all seems just a tad too over the top.
Ty is a lickable likable guy. What’s not to like? He’s just perfect, but can be too perfect? Perfect body, face, height, sexy, funny and he’s just so damn good at everything, isn't he?
He’s the best sharp shooter, the best singer, the best bomb detector *leaning toward dodgy* he speaks Farsi, has a psychology degree, he is an ex recon Marine ie: the best of the best, probably still black ops operative which equals mysterious and kick arse.
Is this too contrived a hero perhaps? *frowny face*
Then he is honest, loyal and faithful and can lay with his head in Zane's lap and call him Baby and he can say I love you. *hops to happy side*
So why the need to accentuate his attributes? hence *frowny face & teetering*.

Hop to dodgy Side: Zane, as an individual is starting to grate on my ever loving nerve. I really need some more background explanation into why Zane is the way he is, or I am going to continue to think of him as a great big scaredy-cat and loose respect. Why can’t the man commit? Why can’t he say IT? He is an alcoholic and a drug addict with major commitment and insecurity issues and I need more than “ He really loved his wife and was destroyed when she died” as an explanation.

Hop to happy side Ty and Zane together as a couple. Oh yes!

This is why I read this series, I love these guys together. The bad puns, the secret looks they share say it all, the tenderness, the speculation, the jokes, and oh good Lordy the SEX! <---THIS is what I love and want more of, forget the crappy sub-plots and stupid secondary cock blocking characters *frowny face* (yes, you Nick) forget all that/them. Just give me Ty and Zane and I’m happy. <br/>
Together these guys are a 5 star couple, such a pity it’s just about everything else that makes me frown and affects my overall rating.

Dodgy side again: The stupid reminders that Ty likes woman too and that the woman lurv him – yeah I got that!

The fact that Zane has admirers too – yeah and...the point?

I don’t get it, they obviously only want each other, so why?

Oh wait…this is how you sell books isn’t it? Drop a few possibilities (?) and a last line that packs a punch and hook em all in. *shrugs* Fair enough, I guess. I still want a conclusion so count me in. Here’s hoping for a better plot line and some Zane answers.