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Point of No Return - N.R. Walker 3.5 Stars for The Blog Of Sid Love.

Sometimes you need something that’s going to be as entertaining as it is easy, and this novella is perfect for that moment.

The synopsis spells this story out quite nicely so I won’t be going into all that. Anymore and I would be spoiling it for you :)

Point of no return is fast paced and entertains with romance, action and some violence. The attraction between Matthew and his new gym trainer Kira is immediate, but despite Matthew’s reluctance to pursue the attraction, Kira’s charms are too attractive to deny. Slowly but surely the relationship progresses behind closed doors while Matthew and Kira are wholly oblivious to who might be watching.

So, you have a recipe for a great novella here, and it’s true, all these elements make it an enjoyable read. The beginning is a slow wooing and background on Matthew’s current case load, but when the climax approaches and the bad guys play their final card the suspense picks up and that’s when I really started to enjoy this book.

The characters are likable and we see their relationship progress with heartfelt emotion. The plot is extremely predictable and I felt that there was something a little too feministic in Mathew Elliot’s telling of this story. That’s the problem with first person point of view; would a strong manly cop character like Mathew blush (all the time) and say things like ‘divine’ to describe a meal? Was the author projecting? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just me.

Overall I feel satisfied and without regrets, so I’ll recommend it.