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Masters at Arms (Rescue Me, #1) - Kallypso Masters 4.5 Stars because I was left hanging on, damn it!
It's a good thing the next two books in this series are instantly available with a click.
So this is a really different introduction to a series, cleverly done Ms Masters, because I went and bought all the ones currently available.

This book introduces us to three men who form a strong bond over time through the ravages of war and heartache.

It's only an introduction, although a full novel length, but still it will grab you, hold you and suck you in completely.
I love each and every one of these guys and gals, it was so emotional, scary, sexy and heart warming.

Orlando and Savi's story broke my heart. I cant wait for their book.
Master Marc, the yummy Italian...swoon!
Andy the older sexier man and the gorgeous young Karla!
Oh and BDSM underlying theme...god what more could I want.
Okay Kally bring it on!!