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Nobody's Perfect - Kallypso Masters Much awaited and much anticipated addition to the Master's at Arms series. Of all the Master's stories I always knew that Nobody's Perfect would be the hardest one to get through and one that I would love.

From the first time Savannah and Damian met 8 years ago in the hotel, they affected me deeply. My empathy knows no bounds when it comes to these two characters. Together they bring out all my protective nurturing instincts to hold onto them, and keep them safely cocooned away from their harrowing pasts.

I began this book with questions in my head and not without my doubts. I also knew it wasn't going to be an easy read, having to live through Savannah's horrendous abuse at the hands of her father and Lyle as well as the sadists she was given to.
I was worried about how it was going to work... Would it be a realistic (to me) acceptance of Damian's lifestyle for Savie?
The glaring question is one that makes me nervous, if it's not answered. How could she accept what Damian has become when he ultimately IS the kind of man she fears, a sadist?
Am I going to believe in the reasons why Savi should ultimately end up in the arms of a man who beats woman for pleasure and control? I mean...this is the stuff of her nightmares! If I don't believe in the reasons for this, this could blow the whole series for me. I have to believe, I need to! But I'm nervous and kind of doubtful cause I expect a lot. I'm greedy like that.
So I begin with doubtful, very nervous trepidation...

Damian is a sadist and a service Top at his club. He is also a mechanic with a need to fix things and not just bikes, Savie too. He is still as much a prisoner to his own demons as Savie is to hers. Together they seek to regain control of their lives and slay the dragons that have tormented them for years. It is a slow journey that takes the kind of love and patience of true soul mates to endure. Neither can see their own self worth which leads to some very intense heart breaking and sometimes frustrating scenes.
Now I got to tell you. This is not about hot kinky BDSM sex as you have known it to be. Damn right? Well no, not really, because this is about so much more.

I was awed at how well Kallypso crafted the D/s lifestyle into something positive, pure and rehabilitating for Savi and for Damian. I never understood why or how Damian could take up the whip after rescuing Savannah from those sadists. But fear not, all is revealed in this book and yes it does work. For me it works perfectly, I never would have thought my acceptance would have ever been so complete. I am so happy right now, I understand, I get it.

Now I am not one to sob or cry EVER, but I was stunned to find myself with tears in my eyes when reading about cinnamon and chocolate cake. Wtf? You might think, cinnamon and chocolate cake? I know, I know, but you'll get me when you get there.
Oh and then a breath play scene left me gasping and breathless, my chest hurt so much I felt dizzy.

Now I said before that this isn't about BDSM sex and it isn't, but it kind of is too. These scenes include bondage and domination but are more about slaying dragons and rescuing the princess. Getting back control and learning to feel again. The empathy and gravity I felt reading these scenes overcame the sexual lusty and carnal emotions (for me). It was about the release of demons and not just orgasms, although we get some of those too;)
It is sensuality through the slightest of touches, reawakening the body and soul. Just beautiful to me, every single moment.

I loved that his book portrays the BDSM community as a support system as strong as or stronger than family. Kallypso gives us an eye opening look into the underlying dynamics of the people involved in the lifestyle. The care and kindness that the members show each other is incredibly heart warming. I am so emotionally invested in each and everyone of these characters. Kally makes it easy to love them all.

This was well executed and positively just awesome with one of the best epilogues ever ! 4.25 Stars!!