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Need - Sherri Hayes 3.5 Stars.

Need picks up exactly where we left it. The story continues as Brianna and Stephan continue to work toward the seemingly daunting task of healing Brianna.
After the 10 months of torture and rape at the hands of a sadistic Master Ian, Brianna is learning to find herself again. It's a slow slow process that once again exposes the extent of Brianna's trauma. It is a heartbreaking and frustrating process that reveals Stephan's complete and utter devotion to her.
Stephan is her only light and calm in a rough sea of darkness that threatens to overwhelm. He has become her safe place as her only haven lies in Stephan's arms. Brianna struggles with her fears and her need to be what Stephan wants. She is free now, but terrified of facing the world without him and scared to become what he needs her to be, his submissive!
Together they face off against Brianna's demons, Stephan's disapproving uncle and a few other unsavory characters to boot. While learning to completely trust in each other.

Throughout this book I could not suppress my frustration at the slow pace that things seemed to be moving. Yes healing Brianna is not going to happen in two months, I know that. Yet as a reader, I couldn't help but feel that I wanted more from this book. The constant two steps forward and one step back was annoying yet understandable. I constantly needed to remind myself to be patient with Brianna and her stilted communications. Again this highlights how much Stephan loves and adores her.
I am completely invested in this story. It is one that will always be memorable for me. Always. The need to know how it all works out and how they will overcome the Everest sized hurdles in their path keeps me enthralled.
I eagerly await the next in the series. Especially after that horrible cliffhanger!

Sent to me for an honest unbiased review from The writers coffee shop via Netgalley. Thanks Guys!