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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley This reminds me of why I love to read romance. It brings it all back to the basics. Pure, innocent and simple love.
Fantastic, refreshing love story which left me feeling very very happy, in a way that I haven't felt for a love story for a long time. I didn't realize how jaded I had become when reading a romance novel. There was nothing tedious or repetitive in this book for me.

Oh! Liam! *hand clutching over my heart*
I adore him, love him, want to be-spell him and make him mine, forever. Seriously though, every girl should have a Liam in her life, god-like in looks, sexy hockey player and man-whore- lol who would do just about anything for the girl he loves.
All the girls want him, and I mean ALL the girls. But nobody knows that for the last 8 years he sleeps with Amber, in her bed, every single night. During the day he torments and teases her and at night he cherishes Amber and protects her from her very real nightmares.
Amber has physically survived the long years of abuse by her father(disgusting,detestable dog). But he still haunts her and the experience has affected her emotionally.
Liam is her safe place, even though she doesn't know it yet.
Jake is Amber's older brother, Liam's best friend and the second hottest guy in school, gorgeous, hockey player and man-whore. He is Amber's fiercest protector and has been since she was 5 years old. He is instantly lovable and my heart broke for Jake in the years of abuse that he endured at the hands of his father.

The story is told mostly from Amber's point of view and then we hear from Liam too! Did I mention how much I adore this boy?
It is perfectly finished off with an amazing epilogue.

4.5 Stars as I have to admit, the author put in a few really cheesy cliched lines that had me rolling my eyes a couple of times. There are a few irritating typo's too, which always spoils the flow of a book for me.
That said I enjoyed this read very much and would absolutely recommend it!