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Obsession: Girl Abducted - Claire Thompson Shew...what a read!! A non stop read in fact. I probably shouldn't have done that. Eight hours later and I think I only just got my heart rate under control again.
This is a very dark hardcore read involving abduction, rape and torture. The scenes are continuous and very explicit.

At some point I should have put it down to breathe but I couldn't. I didn't want to leave it alone for a second. I thought if she can endure this then so can I. Then I find myself questioning the fact that I am actually reading this type of book. What the hell am I doing? I don't have to carry on, but I do!
The writing is compelling and you get sucked into this depraved diabolical world where nothing but pain and pleasure collide. What fascinated me through it all was the mind set of these characters. The reasoning behind it all, for it all. We learn that Mark is an unsatisfied Dominant who feels he can only achieve happiness by forcing his will and depravity. I absolutely hated him. He was a true sadistic. He rapes her body and soul and steals who she is in every way!

This was not an easy read. But I am glad I read it.
I liked it...I think, but certainly not loved it. How could I? even saying that I cannot justify rating the book low when I knew what it was going into it. That wouldn't be fair to the author. I was warned, I'm a big girl and can handle the brutality.
I rate this 3 stars as I would have liked to have discovered more behind the characters. I wanted to get into the dynamic of this relationship and dissect it. I felt I didn't have enough to do that. Perhaps an epilogue would have helped me to resolve some of my own feelings.
That said, I will be reading more by this author.