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Truth - Aleatha Romig I sat down to read this and was rubbing my hands with evil glee, looking forward to revenge and retribution in Truth.
Instead I find a den of frustration and incredulous disbelief! I admit that all this stems from Claire and her actions. Not the rest of the characters or even the plot line.

The introduction of new players adds to the intrigue and angst. The pace is quick, the plot cleverly constructed and the mind-fuckery continues.
And here's the but.
It's amazing how one unbelievable incredulous act can totally change your whole perspective on a book!
Now this will probably only apply to me, and I feel that it is something that could perhaps be overlooked by other readers, but it had consequences. I nearly stopped reading it right there and then, my bullshit meter was bleeping so loud!

The author has fueled my need for revenge through Claire's past abuse, torment and false incarceration. We all now how Consequences ended!
So when she finally meets him face to face as a free and woman, it is with a new strength and determination to bring him down.
She fails!
With just one look; his eyes go soft... her body melts and she forgets her purpose. The very worst moment for me, and this was huge!
She has sex with him and thinks she's dreaming!!

This is so ridiculously unbelievable, how did she not wake up?

The man who has committed such atrocities against you is invading your body in real life and you think it's a dream?
Even if it was a dream, it would be nightmare worth fighting your way out of.
She can smell him, feel him, he talks to her, she answers, she submits, she comes, he comes!
She wakes not where she fell asleep, with all physical signs and evidence of being sated. But still it was just a dream?!

For a novel that is so cleverly constructed I felt this scene had no place in it. Even though the consequences of it play a massively significant role in the plot.
From that moment on Claire comes across as a silly twit! Her convictions have no substance and her decisions are made with a smidgen of intelligence. Needless to say, Claire pissed me off more that Anthony ever could have.

I no longer feel all that invested in Claire or Anthony's story. I am ever so disappointed.
I will read the next installment only to see where it goes with the secondary characters that play an important part of this intriguing tale.