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The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic Guess what?

I read a YA book!

And it’s not even an m/m book!

But wait for it, it gets better.

There’s absolutely no romance either!

And it’s about college kids and sport!

*I’ll just pause here for Susan to pick herself up off the floor* ……

So if it’s not an m/m book and there’s no romance, why on earth did I read it?

It was free, I was bored with the norm, I wanted to shock Susan and Kate said it was good.

Now how on Earth do I convince you to read something that’s normally not my thing? Especially when I can’t even begin to tell you what I just read.

Will my rating convince you?


Okay, what if I said I’ve already finished the second book and I’m totally dumbstruck over how extraordinary this was is?

Urghh... allow me to expand then.

I’ve never read something with such a slow build and reveal that held my attention so absolutely.
It’s the characters that do it for me. A bunch of fractured talented mis-fits who wouldn’t be misplaced amongst the cast of Lord of the Flies managed to hold me rapt. There are few characters that can intrigue, frighten and enrage me and then call on my empathy to confuse me.
The Foxhole court has a whole cast of conundrums to unravel, each with their own dangerous demons and haunting pasts. Secrets, lies, threats, drugs, death and there’s the game.

Exy – a new age game similar to hockey and lacrosse, but much more violent. For some of these kids it’s an obsession, for others it’s a chore but for all of them it’s a chance when they never had one to begin with.

I don’t know what else to say to convince you … I mean, I could send over a murderous midget with a manic grin to convince you, but Andrew doesn’t take orders well. He’d sooner stab me in the face, so I’ll ask you nicely to read this.
Okay, it’s not perfect, it takes a little while to get into but once you are there, there’s no giving up. This really is one of the special ones. Highly recommended.